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We're building Landscape to help you discover what investors are truly like, before you take their money. Avoid bad actors, and target the top ranked investors, as rated by founders that have interacted with them.

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We want to help founders get a better understanding of who they're going into business with, to help you pick the right investor for you, and avoid bad actors.

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Investors are rated on up to 12 score factors, learn where they excel, and where they need improving.
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Landscape reviews are totally anonymous, but still include a qualititative section for founders to detail their experience with the investor.

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Investors, rated on the things that matter most to you

We worked with a group of founders to figure out what factors matter most to you in terms of investor scores. Drop in and view up to 12 different investors ratings, all powered by anonymous investor reviews.

Response Time

Ghosting is all too common, let's call it out.


A basic expectation, but something is often lacking.

Beyond Money

In a world where everyone is "Value Add", are they really?


Will they have your back on the roller coaster ride?

Board Activity

Huge value add, or do they make board meetings hell?

+ 7 more!

Inderstand the strengths and weakness of every fund.

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The power dynamic between investors and founders often means that founders don't feel able to share their honest feedback of their interactions, whether that is direct to the investors, or to other founders. Founder anonymity is the cornerstone of Landscape, and empowers founders to share their experiences without fear of repercussions. Your personal information would never be shown on your review, and furthermore your review is abstracted on the platform to further protect your identity.

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