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Anonymous Founders. Backchannel, Support, Share.

Join a Slack community of Verified, but Anonymous Founders. Share the things you normally couldn't, in a safe, anonymous environment. Backchannel on interactions you've had, share what you're struggling with, or help other Anonymous Founders going with a tough time.

Channels designed for the things you normally wouldn't discuss

Your anonymity empowers you to share your journey & experiences in an honest and open manner, and we've built channels to reflect that. Whether you want help with whatever is keeping you up at night, or you want to backchannel an interaction you've had, Anonymous Founders is the place to do it.


Come and share what's currently stressing you out, and see if we can help.


Negative interaction with an investor or service provider? Let other founders know here.


There's no such thing as a stupid question when we're all learning on the job. Ask away!


Advice on deals and terms. Anonymous Founders are here to make sure you don't get f*cked!


Sometimes having a little rant goes a long way. Let it out in safety, protected by your anoymity.


Building a startup is f*cking hard. Celebrate the small things along the way.


When you're feeling low, let us know. Anonymous Founders are here for you.

& so much more

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